Moved My Soaps:

Earlier today, my mother decided to clean the bathroom which usually means I have to reorganize my soaps which is no big deal at all because it reminds me of how many soaps I have. But today I heard an awful crash earlier when she did not ask me to come in to help out. That sound usually means she's dropped some soaps. Since this is my hobby and to help make easier on her, I moved my soaps to my room around a 25 year old stereo system that no doubt does NOT work. I have 31 full size pucks and 8 samples which totals 39 soaps which is quite a bit and a lot more than I thought I had and gives me an excuse to buy a small cabinet or shelving system:

Unfortunately, one of the containers mom dropped was my Crown King Sacre' Bleu and when she did, it split all the way across the bottom of the container. I don't know if you can see it in this photo or not but I managed to get it realigned as best as possible. There's no way I'm trusting this to hold water now to bloom it, so what I'll do is get a Ziplock disposable container and put a custom label on it so I'll know what it is:

The only real frustrating part to this situation is that I've asked and even told my mother to let me know when she's cleaning the bathroom and I'll help move the soaps and cabinet and she never does. I don't know the real reasoning behind it. I just know that she does not ask and never really plans on asking either. So this should help out quite a bit.

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