Reusable K-Cup Filters:

As most of you know, I recently bought a Keurig 2.0 from a local K-Mart store. Luckily my model was NOT among those that were recalled and they did not even mention the store where I bought in the recall either which was cool. I also bought a reusable K-Cup that allows you to use ground coffee with it instead of the expensive K-Cups. Well it made an excellent cup of coffee, but it needed to filtered and strained before you could drink it due to the oils left in the bottom of the cup. Well while I was out getting my groceries and found these little single cup coffee maker filters in the coffee isle and I jumped on them:

When I said little, I really meant it. Here they are next to your standard filters that you can get anywhere basically and in various sizes:

They fit in there almost perfectly but the sides tend to cave in a little bit though when loading the filter and it made a huge difference in my coffee too:

Here's the secret to brewing perfect coffee with ANY type of coffee maker. Always rinse the filter with hot water BEFORE brewing. There's 2 reasons why you do this. Number one is to remove the paper taste from the filters. The second reason kindly dove tails off the first. Rinsing the filters BEFORE brewing also removes any residue that was left over from the manufacturing process. Doing this before brewing your coffee is a "night & day difference for the better". Your coffee will taste at least a thousand times better and be more crisp and cleaner looking after brewing:

it was a killer cup of coffee to say the least. Much clearer result and a more flavorful coffee.

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