Mail Call:

Today's mail call is from Through The Fire Fine Craft and is made by a lovely lady named Maria Arman who happens to be celebrating her birthday today, so happy birthday Mrs. Arman. It's her birthday and yet I'm the one opening the presents, wow. I've used her soaps before in the past and they are killer. She's also responsible for Maggard Razor's brand of soaps which are also amazing:

This right here is what I'm really looking forward to trying, her bath bars. So far I'm loving the toasted marsh mellow with the lilac in a close 2nd followed by wisp. Guys if you've not gotten around to trying the artisan's bath bars, shame on you because you are missing out on some of the greatest soaps on the planet. Get a few soap nets from Soap Commander and start trying these artisan made bath bars because they perform way better than what you can get commercially:

TTFFC is ultra fast when it comes to shipping. I placed my order on December 9th and it arrived 2 days later according to the time stamp and my post office didn't put it out until today. So you can imagine my frustration when you know that your order had arrived and they don't put it in your box until Monday. USPS should take notes from Maria in my opinion:

Overall I am tickled pink with this mail call and couldn't be more happier with the ultra fast service and product quality than I am today. Maria thank you very much and Happy Birthday my friend. Please eat epic amounts of birthday cake for us.

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