The Replica Review:

Well after shaving with it for nearly a week, I can confirm that it was definitely worth buying this razor. It cost me $22.99 with free shipping due to Christmas coming up here shortly. Despite what other people have written about this razor, I think it does NOT feel cheap at all. The first thing I must point out is the head of the razor. It's very thin and does an exceptional job at cleaning the moustache area and its size allows it to get in the nooks and crannies and clean them out. There's only 2 drawbacks to this razor. The first one is the factory blade is a dud and has to be replaced which takes no time to do. The second one is it's a light weight razor and could use more weight behind it. This razor's handle curves inward which makes getting the correct angle very easy and makes for a great shave that you soon won't forget. Now in my previous blog post, I miscalculated my shaving costs which will be listed below:

The blades are not bad in terms of costs at all. It costs me $5 U.S. Dollars here locally for one pack of 7 blades and I got 5 multi pass shaves out of 1 blade so lets do a little bit of basic math here. 7 blades multiplied by 5 shaves per blade equals 35 shaves per pack of blades. Now if you were to take your cost of $5 U.S. Dollars and divide that by 35 shaves and your shaving cost would be $.14 cents per shave which is extremely reasonable and way below what Feather/Kai DE blades which is up to $.50 cents per shave. But when you compare that to today's cartridge cost of $1.75 per shave, it's dirt cheap. My usual DE blade costs are $.08 cents per shave with a DE and it's FREE with my straight razors at this point because I now hone my own straight razors and have upwards of 30+ soaps. Loading these blades is fast and stupid easy. You simply take the tab of the injector case and insert it into the top of the razor head as seen below:

next you simply slide the little button on top of the injector case back until it allows a blade to pop up and simply slide it forward until the old blade pops out on the opposite side as seen below:

On the bottom of the injector case, you will find a small slot for used blade storage as you can see below which is a good thing if you have small children around:

In terms of shave quality, in my humble opinion it's one of the best shaves you can get with a single edge. For me it's a 2 pass shave with a few less touch ups than normal for a true BBS but this will vary due to different beard and hair types. But considering how hard it is to get the vintage version and the fact that they never stopped making these blades like they did with the razor until here recently, it's no surprise that this was and is a very popular razor. Plus the Vintage version can get very pricey especially when dealing with antique stores and restored versions at various online vintage retailers. I looked at an adjustable version of this razor not long ago and they wanted $75 U.S. Dollars for it on one of various online retailers and the one I found in a local antique store had a price tag of $90 U.S. Dollars for it and it wasn't in the best shape either and needed restoring which can cost quite a bit in of itself. So if you want an injector style razor that still has a vintage feel to it without spending an epic amount of money, buy this razor. For those who feel that there's no substitute for the Vintage which I do get, I wish you the best. Now in terms of obtaining blades for this razor, you can find them just about everywhere except in Walmart stores. They're the only ones who don't carry them for some reason. You can find them at CVS/Walgreens pharmacies, some local supermarkets have them as well which is where I get mine, Rite Aid etc.

Ike & The 207:

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