My New Coffee Maker:

One of the things I like to do while I hone razors is drink coffee. Even though we do drink a lot of coffee here, we've also wasted a lot of coffee as well. So yesterday I decided to get a new Keurig 2.0 coffee maker and I love it. It's got 9 different brew settings and makes anywhere from a 4 ounce cup of coffee all the way up to a 28 ounce carafe'. The first reason behind this purchase was the fact that this machine along with other brands is just about all you'll find in the coffee maker isle at various brick and mortar retailers. Plus the little "K-Cups" are taking up more and more shelf space while the ground and whole bean coffee are continuing to shrink in terms of shelf space. The other reason is that while we do drink a lot of coffee here, we've also wasted just about as much as we drank if not more. So this will help eliminate that waste and allow us to brew a single cup as we need it. The first drawback is the costs. I had to cash in a Sears gift card that I received for Christmas and put some cash with it to buy it which cost me $148 dollars. K-Mart stores had it advertised at $89 dollars but they didn't have it listed on the sign that you got the discount in the form of points on your Sears rewards card which didn't go to well with me:

The game changer for me is shown just below. That's an officially licensed reusable K-Cup that allows you to use the ground coffee on hand which is a really good thing. It's included in the price tag listed above but if you don't have one and want to use ground coffee, this little device will cost you $25 dollars for the official version of it. The reason I went for this one and not the cheaper models that are available is because I didn't want to have warranty issues just in case I bought a "lemon" and had to replace it. This also prevents you from throwing out your ground coffee as well:

So far these Hot Chocolate K-Cups shown below are my personal favorites and there's a lot more available that I want to try:

These things were nasty. Even with ice and water added to a 4 ounce brew on the standard strength setting, it was still undrinkable:

Unfortunately drawback number 2 is that not every K-Cup will work just like these below didn't. Good thing these specific branded K-Cups were only $4 dollars:

The price tag of the K-Cups will depend on what exactly it is and what brand it is but they're not exactly cheap either which was drawback number 3. All 3 of these boxes of K-Cups cost me just a shade under $22 dollars which is $5 dollars higher than my bulk bag of Dunkin Donut's original blend of coffee. The results are simply amazing and delicious:

So far I'm very pleased with my purchase. And since I don't have any water issues and have a very good performing coffee pot cleaner, I should have very good coffee without the epic amounts of waste when I need it for years to come. I also look forward to trying various other K-Cups that are out there. But only time will tell about this coffee maker. I say if you stick with the Keurig branded K-Cups and buy them in bulk, your actual costs for the K-Cups will go down. That and using the reusable K-Cup will also lower your costs even more.

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