1 Day's Beard Growth:

This is why I normally shave on a daily basis ladies and gentlemen. Besides having the same texture as barbed wire, my beard grows pretty fast now that I'm healthier than I use to be along with the fact that my facial hair follicles are now healthy again. Before I started traditional/wet shaving 2 years ago, I shaved with various cartridges for 24 years and over time, that does some serious damage to not just the skin but also to the hair follicles which is why it takes longer for your hair to grow back after using cartridges. This is only 1 day's worth of beard growth for me, so you can imagine what I'll look like this coming Wednesday:

The only reason I don't shave my head is because the only real option for me is a device called "The Head Blade" which uses a cartridge which is very uncool to use. Now if someone can come up with a device that allows someone to use either a DE or double edge blade and/or injector/Feather Artist Club injector blades with the Head Blade, then consider it sold because head shavers everywhere would definitely buy it:

Now I'm letting my beard grow out a little bit for 2 reasons. The first one was addressed in my last blog post which is to not only give myself a break from the usual grind that I've been doing for the past year, but also to give both my skin and my face a break from the trauma of daily shaving (less traumatic now that I've quit using cartridges which now shows). The second reason is because I want to give this new product a fair but tough chance to succeed. Now please remember that I last shaved on Halloween around 10 AM. It's now about 1 AM as I write this, so around 10 AM I will have a whopping 2 day's worth of beard growth so this shave will feel extremely good.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

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