Honing Session Completed:

Well these will be retarded in terms of sharp and keen edges. I just spent the last 2 hours honing these straight razors. I did 400 round trips and then I did 2 sets of half circles in my usual progression of 40 seconds, then 20, 10, 5 followed by 10 round trips to clean up the edges a bit. Now on the 8K side I added 10 "X" Strokes to that list before doing the final 100 round trips to give these edges that extra polish. I suspect that I probably won't even feel the blade tomorrow when I shave. We will soon see. After I done all of that, I performed 25 round trips on the scrub leather followed by 50 round trips on the smooth leather:

Proraso Green & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. It's also Proraso Friday  over in the How To Grow A Moustache  Google plus community. So while I'm wai...