Gusto & integrity:

Today is "Take Charge Monday" which means that a Soap Commander product gets used. And one of my all time favorite scents that they made was up next in my rotation. "Gusto" which is a raspberry pink lemonade scent. The shave was extremely comfortable but the edges on my razors are tad too smooth for my beard so, I'll do a touch up later on today. I didn't get the matching aftershave balm when it was available so I got their "integrity" aftershave balm which is unscented and pairs with anything. So if you have a soap that doesn't go with anything, grab an unscented balm to pair with it. And the same can be said with the aftershaves. Just grab and use an unscented soap with it:

Honor & The Fusion:

Man oh man today's shave was blissful! Good old Soap Commander  has delivered yet another top shelf performance  and their "Honor&...