Fresh Barbicide Results:

Now that I've changed my Barbicide out, lets disinfect and clean my Edwin Jagger DE 89 along with a fresh Perma-Sharp DE blade. As you can see, it looks a little dull even after it got soaked for 10 minutes after this morning's shave and the blade was shot so it was definitely time for a new blade:

First, I disassembled the razor and along with a fresh DE blade, I put them into the fresh Barbicide solution that I had just finished mixing for 10 minutes. It was also still pretty hot as well, so I got the added cleaning power of both steam and heat on top of that:

Next I removed the razor and blade from the jar and rinsed the excess Barbicide off under cool running water:

Next I used a towel to dry off the razor and I patted the blade dry as well which I highly recommend doing because some of these DE blades will rust inside the razor if you don't pat the blade dry. I prefer to use Cotton terry towels to dry with and micro fiber cloths to polish and shine with:

Here's the results after drying the razor and it's been reassembled:

Next, I used a micro fiber polishing cloth to give it that extra shine and the beauty about Barbicide is the fact that NOTHING does a better job at making chrome pop like Barbercide does. Not bad for a 2 year old razor that's been abused:

This is the final results I got after doing some more polishing:

I've seen a lot of stuff come along in the auto detailing world that really makes chrome and polished aluminum pop and stand out and absolutely NOTHING even comes close to the results that Barbicide provides and I've used quite a bit of stuff considering that back in the day I use to love detailing cars and trucks as a hobby. It takes me a lot longer these days to wash and detail vehicles because of mobility issues obtained after multiple cancer removal surgeries. They got it all, but the results made me move a lot slower than I use to which is why I don't detail vehicles anymore.

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