Changing Your Barbicide:

After today's shave and clean up, I noticed that my Barbicide was no longer cleaning or doing what it's suppose to do so that means that it's time to change it out. Since it's just myself and my mom here, I only change it out roughly around once a month which is when it usually stops cleaning and disinfecting. Now if I was a professional barber or beautician, it would get changed out daily:

First I get me some hot water going with my kettle. Just when the water starts to boil, this kettle shuts itself off which is really cool. And also dump the old stuff out:

while my water is boiling, I'll take some hot soapy water to clean the jar out and then I rinse it with the hot water I just brewed in the kettle and start the kettle over again. This kills any and all germs and forms of bacteria that may be lingering in there:

Next I fill up the jar with the actual Barbicide itself to the bottom where the grooves start which is exactly 2 fluid ounces which is what the instructions recommend:

I'm getting low so it won't be long before I'll have to stock up. Get the REGULAR Barbicide and NOT the Barbicide Plus. The plus does NOT clean or disinfect period. The mixing ratio is 2 fluid ounces to 1 U.S. quart (32 fluid ounces) :

I highly recommend that you get a decent kettle and use hot water to mix your Barbicide solution with because it seems to perform much better than it could with luke warm or cold water and you also get the added power of heat that also kills any and all bacteria on top of the Barbicide solution itself:

One U.S. Quart is what's recommend (32 fluid ounces) which is at the very top of where the grooves stop on this jar, but I like to add a little more hot water because I use straight razors and if I didn't add that little extra water, then a small portion of the blade wouldn't get disinfected. You dunk it in there briefly, but contact time is needed. A Minimum of 10 minutes. You can go longer if needed, but it's really not necessary to be honest:

Well I hope this helps anyone out who has or had questions about barbicide and how best to mix it. You can find the concentrate at Sally's Beauty Supplies, all across the U.S. and they're open to the general public which means no license is required to enter.

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