Tiki's Windy City:

Well today's shave was a fast one. I didn't have enough time to use my scuttle so I went ahead and used Tiki Bar's Windy City. I may have to stop using this particular soap because the last few times that I've used it, I got a burning sensation that was very unpleasant. The aftershave will be Mary Kay's High Intensity Sport once it arrives here in about an hour and 20 minutes give or take a little. My lady friend that I enjoy dealing with is also getting her very first safety razor and some blades this morning. I decided to start her off with something mild and comfortable until she gets used to it. The aftershave I'm getting has a masculine scent to it with a little hint of sweetness:

Honor & The Fusion:

This morning's shave was excellent. Sorry for the delay folks. I've pretty much been gone all day today and didn't get back til...