Coffee Mail Call:

Today's mail call is from Soap Commander and this is their son Noah Seibert's latest coffee venture and it's simply amazing. You can smell the mint and the chocolate and the fresh coffee which is an amazing scent. I've never had coffee this fresh before with the exception to a coffee house out in Seattle, Washington and that stuff I had out there was horrible. Soap Commander's coffee is perfect. Between the aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee grinds, with a little hint of chocolate and mint, you can't go wrong with this coffee:

I love the way this coffee sample was packaged:

The coffee being sealed the way that Noah seals it on top of this packaging, you don't have worry because the coffee does not lose its flavor while in transit:

And using a friend's brewing methods, I couldn't wait and decided to brew a pot and let me tell you that the aromas coming from my coffee pot really blew me away in a good way, wow:

It's got really good clarity and the aromas are smooth:

This tells me that it's a dark roasted coffee and does have a lot of flavor which is a good thing:

I like to put ice in my coffee to cool it off so I can drink it:

The flavor is phenomenal. I get a dark roasted coffee with a little hint of both chocolate and mint that was NOT over powering like you would get with most store bought flavored coffees available at your local supermarkets. It's also extremely smooth and easy to drink as well.

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