Mary Kay Shave Products:

This was an incredible and enjoyable experience. Today I had a beautiful and lovely lady friend of mine named Scarlette Long stop by and try out Mary Kay's shave products for men and I was extremely impressed with these products and the performance they had. The scent of these products is a masculine but fresh scent and have a really solid scent strength. I was really blown away by the men's colognes that she had available which I plan on adding to my collection. So far my personal favorite is their High Intensity Sport scent which has a fresh masculine scent with a little hint of sweetness and I did pick up a slight hint of Vetiver in the scent. I couldn't have asked for a better shave than what I got today. The foam had plenty of cushioning ability and the slickness was ok. It did tend to dissipate out a little bit, but not much and one of the ingredients of both the foam and aftershave lotion was Aloe Vera Leaf juice which makes for a comfortable post shave and is very soothing on the skin. And these will NOT aggravate sensitive skin either:

Below was before the shave and as you can see, I had my work cut out for me:

This was the most comfortable shave I've ever had with a straight razor since I've been using them and with this one being fresh off the stones, that makes it even better:

The final results speak for themselves. I got zero sting from my alum block and no sting at all from the aftershave lotion which was incredible. I basically got another "ice rink type of shave" yet again:

From left to right you see the aftershave lotion, the sunscreen and hydration cream which I used as a preshave and last but certainly not least the shave foam itself and these products will go a long way:

I couldn't have had a better and more enjoyable experience than I did today. I kindly didn't want her to leave because she is such a sweet woman that lights up a room when she enters it. Thank you Ms. Scarlette Long. This was fun and it went too fast.

Mountain Man & The 430:

Tonight's shave ended up being pretty good but it was not very comfortable at all. More on that in a little bit. Tonight I was craving ...