I Lost the Doc:

Well today's shave started out like any other shave would until I took the razor apart to check and possibly replace the blade like I've done an untold and unknown number of times. When I go to tighten the handle back up, something loosened up pretty significantly to the point where the base plate wouldn't hold the blade. So I took the razor apart again and removed the base plate and re tightened the handle. Had no issues with it tightening up but it does take a lot longer to tighten up. So after much thought and looking at what it would cost to fix it, I've decided to replace it with a newer razor at a later time:

See how the base plate looks chipped? I do NOT tighten the handle up on my safety razors with a king kong grip like other people tend to do. I use a snug or "finger tight" grip which is all that's needed to keep the plates and blade in place and that's it:

Someone did suggest that I send it off to be fixed ad re plated but that would cost more than it would to replace it with a new one all together. The reason I decided to wait is because I'm pretty much a straight razor guy now and I really don't use a DE safety razor much so it can wait.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

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