Scuttle = DE only:

Well I didn't use my scuttle this morning and yet again, I get a better shave without it when I use a straight razor. This is not the first time either. I've tried this several times and have gotten the same results each and every time. Now this is NOT the case with a DE safety razor. In fact the opposite effect occurs when I use the scuttle with a DE safety razor. So from now on, I will be using my scuttle with a DE safety razor ONLY which is on Sundays. If I'm in a hurry, then the scutle won't get used either because it takes longer to shave when you use a scuttle with a DE safety razor:

This is one is Royal Blue and is specifically made for face lathering. I got it from Straight Razor Designs for around $50 U.S. Dollars. I've had it for while and it does produce hot lather but if you get it too hot, the lather and soap dissipates quickly. I usually put it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes at the most with a little bit of the bloom water in the bottom to keep my soap from drying out between passes. The lather not only stays warm, but it tends to get hot between passes. That is how I use it.

C.a.D. & The 200:

Today's shave was great if not perfect. After a nice hot shower, I decided to go with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements  and their modern d...