Jr. Torrey on the Stones:

Even though the edge was good and I did get a good shave out of it, I felt like it could be much better than it was. So lets get started:

First I went back and reset the bevel without killing the edge on the razor using my Naniwa professional 600 grit stone. I did 60/60, 30/30, 15/15, 8/8 seconds on each side followed by 15 clean up strokes. It bit into my thumbnail like crazy after that. Then I went back and did 10 more round trips to bring it back from where I did my thumbnail test:

Next I went straight to my Jnat finisher, the Shoubandini type 100 and I did 3 sets of 40/40, 20/20, 10/10, 5/5 seconds on each side followed by 10 clean up strokes and I diluted the slurry between each set and on the last one, the razor was getting extremely sticky and struggling to go across the stone which told me that it was more than shave ready:

After that I went to my strop and did 5 round trips on the rough leather and then I did 10 round trips on the smooth leather:

Next up, I decided to do some polishing and clean the razor up some more:

Even I am not immune to getting cut because I did when I was polishing my razor. It happens from time to time. It went pretty deep but it's already closed back up:

So the razor is crazy right now and the next shave with it should be excellent. I just don't know when that will be because I'm wanting to use my Edwin Jagger DE 89 tomorrow.

Ike & The Doc:

Today's shave was extremely nice & refreshing. Today I went with Strike Gold Shave  & their fabulous "Ike"  scented s...