Mountain Man & The Wedge:

Today's shave was great. After a nice hot shower, I went with Stirling Soaps and their Mountain Man scent. I get a citrus cologne with some woody undertones. The description says that it's Stirling's version of Creed's "Silver Mountain" water cologne. And to finish off this shave, I paired it with Barbasol Brisk which seems to pair really well with this soap:

The Wedge done great. I got a squeaky clean post shave in 3 passes. Here in about 11 days when I get paid, I will be sending this razor out to Dr. Matt for a Coticule edge. If I like it and I more than likely will, I will probably get a Coticule from the Superior Shave the first chance I get.

Proraso Green & The Shield:

Man oh man that shave was excellent. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with a modern day classic, Proraso Green  which has an i...