24 Hours Later:

Yesterday I bought and I used these wipes on both of my strops and all I can say after using them is wow. I saw No adverse effects at all after using them. In fact the draw got better after using them and soft is not the word for it either:

While stropping my razor, I got incredible feedback and the draw was much smoother compared to what it normally is. It's like the strop had just got broken in basically which is where you'll get the sweetest and most comfortable shave you'll ever have which is what I'm looking for after stropping:

And soft isn't the word for it either. While my larger strop is much softer now, my much smaller travel strop is even softer and when I ran my fingers across the smaller strop, it was much smoother than it used to be:

I can call this a successful technique after seeing the results 24 hours later. I only plan on using these leather wipes every 4 to 6 months to keep my strops in great condition and I'll also apply it to any new strops I get in the future.

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