Tiki Bar's "The Captain":

Today's shave was great. It was also a true BBS. between the smell of fresh cherry pipe tobacco and the scent of the Aqua Velva ice blue, I'm really enjoying this post shave. I also made a decision about rotation last night. From here on out, I will be sticking to the following brands of soaps. Soap Commander, Tiki Bar/Steam Bath, RazoRock, PAA/Crown King these will always be in my rotation they work best for me and my skin type. So once the others I have are gone, they will not be replaced. I'll also be looking at some aftershaves and honing stones in the near future as well:

Wilkinson Sword Blades Review:

8 days ago, I ordered a new brush and some blades to try out and these German made Wilkinson Sword Classic  DE blades are fantastic. I'...