New Strop Ordered:

Well after looking at various online retailers, Straight Razor Designs had what I need for the best price. I went ahead and ordered a brand new 3 inch black Latigo leather strop with matching webbing for the secondary material and I am looking forward to using this much wider strop. Right now I've been using the old half and half method which is stropping 1 half of the razor starting with the toe of the razor and then doing the other half of the immediately afterwards which takes a while to strop my razors in general and I am NOT a speed demon either when it comes to stropping:

Here's the order confirmation email:

My current hanging strop is great and all and it has been a life saver because I needed it really badly at the time of purchase. So it'll see more action until my new strop gets here.

Brush Repair Failed:

Well crap is all I can say about this but that's okay, I've got plenty of brushes and it's not like I can't get anymore bru...