Soap Commander Week:

Day 6: Today's shave was extremely good. This is their "Confidence" scented soap which has a sweet honey with patchouli with a bit of musk that seems to calm the sweetness of the honey down and balances the scent perfectly. Today's shave was also only a 2 pass shave and zero touch ups with the exception to my moustache area. My new strop has made a world of a difference in my straight razor shaves. Tomorrow is DE Sunday and is also permanently known as Soap Commander Sunday. I also plan to assign other brands for specific days. That way I can use all of my soaps and creams more often:

This is a very nice semi-sweet smelling scent and is quickly becoming a personal favorite.

Proraso Green & The Shield:

Today's shave was great & very refreshing. Today after a nice & hot shower, I went with Proraso Green  which is a Menthol &...