Next Stone Purchase Revealed:

Well I have finally decided on what stones to purchase next to make all of my straight razors truly worthy of the term "shave ready" which has been abused in my humble opinion. Just about every person that I have talked to or chatted with via Face Book had one thing to say and that is set the bevel so I'll be getting the Imperia La Roccia 1K stone to set bevels with which is the next stone I'll be buying:

Once that bevel set is, I'll be going to my Norton 4/8K combo stone and I start with the 4K side first. I do plan on getting a separate version of these stones in the near future: 

Next up is the 8K side which has been my finishing stone for a while now but once I get my other stones, it'll be my mid tier stone. As it stands now, I would normally flip this stone back over to the 4K side and repeat the previous process again which does seem to work with this particular stone. I will NOT be doing that once I get my bevel setting stone and then my finishing stone. This is what I'm currently doing now, but won't be for too much longer:

The next step will be this monster below:

I was told that they didn't post it up correctly and it was between 10 and 12K which is perfect for me. I've been getting true BBS shaves with my Gold Dollar straight razors off the Norton 4/8K combo stone for a while now and I know what kind of an edge that a good finishing stone can do so I pretty much know that I'm in for a real treat once I get this finishing stone dialed in which will be sweet.

Ike & The Doc:

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