An Old Strop Secret:

Over time, all leather strops tend to either cup, crack and peel and eventually fade even though they're kept in doors and out of direct sunlight. So what can you do to protect and condition your leather strops to keep from doing this? Well you can use a few items on the web such as strop dressings and oils, but the cheapest I've seen it was around $8 dollars + shipping and it does nothing to clean the leather. So let me fill you in on an alternative that not only cleans but also conditions and protects any leather from harmful UV rays and keeps the natural moisture in your leather strop and it can be found at any Walmart for a shade less than $5 dollars:

To give you guys a clue as to how well this stuff works, I use to go to a lot of antique car shows back in the day before I became disabled. At one of those shows a saw a 1938 Model A Ford with the original leather seats that came in the car and they were perfect and almost looked brand new. Now you're are talking about an antique car that uses no car cover, and it's black which means ultra hot interiors and these seats still look brand new 77 years later after they were built. The guy that owns the car says that these wipes is all he has and will use period on these original seats. So I'm pretty confident that these will have no problem protecting and conditioning your strops. You just simply take 1 wipe per leather strop and rub it down really good and let it air dry over night:

Here's what it looks like after you've used these wipes on the strop:

This is a great alternative instead of using just half the equation and unlike the strop oils and dressings that you see all over the web, this stuff is specifically formulated for ALL forms of leather and will do no harm to your strop. Tomorrow, I will post up a results photo before my shave when I first use my strop.

Ike & The 207:

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