Kilted Tiki:

Today's shave was great and very comfortable. Those leather wipes I got yesterday were great and made a huge difference in both the strop and the performance of the strop in a very good way. Today is also Tiki Bar Tuesdays. I've got more of these soaps than I do with any other brand. I still haven't assigned all of the other days yet but so far it's looking like it will be PAA on Thursdays, RazoRock on Fridays, Soap Commander on Sundays and I have Wednesdays and Saturdays left open for the other stuff I have at the moment. It'll depend on wether or not I get another brand or more than one soap of that brand:

Retiring The Track 2:

This will be breaking a lot of people's hearts, but I'm retiring my 1970 Gillette Track 2  to my collection and will no longer be u...