Crown King's Sacre' Bleu:

Today's shave was great. I also got a true BBS in 2 passes and 1 touch up on my neck and I was good to go. This soap is fantastic. Once I bloomed the scent, my entire bathroom smelled exactly like I had left 10 bottles of Aqua Velva opened all night in there which was fabulous. That was my only problem with Aqua Velva's scent, it wasn't strong enough and faded rather quickly. This soap has a much stronger scent which I love. During the shave, my straight razor had no trouble gliding across my beard which is really good. No nicks, cuts or weepers so it's got plenty of cushioning ability. The post shave feel is where this soap shines. Not overly slick, and my skin feels moist and it's soft as a baby's behind and after a shave, that's amazing. It reminds me of HTGAM's 2.0 formula when it was first released in terms of performance:

It's extremely easy to load. I got this with only 3 swirls, but I like to overload the brush to make sure I have enough product to build a good lather:

Lather pretty much exploded and kept going when I added a tad more water. It also had a yogurt type consistency to it which is awesome and what I like:

The lather also has plenty of staying power as well. This was taken after I allowed the soap to sit for 10 minutes which I timed with a countdown timer:

This soap also rinses very cleanly as well. No residue was left behind:

All and all I would give this soap 6 out of 5 stars. The price is spot on, it's easy to get and as you have seen, the performance is solid in every area possible. I'm really looking forward to trying out one of their brushes.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

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