Soap Commander Arrival:

Today's mail call comes from Soap Commander and I love it! The crown jewel is the "Refreshment" scented soap. It's a sweet tea with lemon scent that is truly considered the wine of the south. It quenches your thirst on a really hot summer day and has a lot of flavor. I really can't wait to try that tomorrow. Another scent I decided to get is "confidence". It's a really sweet honey scent with a hint of musk to calm the sweetness down and it balances the scent perfectly. The last scent I got was "integrity" which is their unscented product line and I do have the matching aftershave balm to go with it. That will be the soap I use when I go deer hunting, or if I have a new aftershave that I'm not familiar with and want to see what it smells like as it fades without interference from the soap itself. And last but certainly NOT LEAST, I got another "Vision" scented bath bar. The one I've currently been using is just about gone and it performs so well, that I decided to get another one:

I love how the packaging looks when it arrives. There's NO MISTAKING when your next order from Soap Commander arrives:

This also one of the best parts of ordering from Soap Commander. A hand written note adds a very nice personal touch to your order which I love getting:

Now to those who are wondering how many of Soap Commander's products I have, here's my entire Soap Commander collection and yes I'll be adding even more here in the future:

Can't go wrong with ANY of Soap Commander's products and if you have sensitive skin, then you need these products in your arsenal.

Ike & The Doc:

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