SRD Strop Arrival:

Today's mail call is from Straight Razor Designs. Even though I love my starter strop and have used it even today before shaving, it did take me a while to strop my ALL of my straight razors because I could only do half of the razor at one time so I had to either stick with what I've been doing, or get a new strop. So I went ahead and looked around and Straight Razor Designs has this one for the lowest price on the web at $66.38 shipped. It's a 3 inch black Latigo strop with matching webbing and stainless steel D rings. Their logo is stamped into the strop itself at the top near the hook. It also has screws instead of rivets that allow you to replace the materials if need be. But since my starter strop is NOT nicked or scuffed up, I can definitely say that this one will last a while. Only time will tell:

Here's how it came shipped there's a funny story that occurred when I picked this monster up. Basically the postal clerk was wanting to know if my strop had come in and he was very cool about it. I said yes that's what I'm here to pick up. So I gave him the infamous "yellow slip" and told him which box it was and he comes out with this long box and says "this is from Straight Razor Designs" and the female postal clerk turned with her jaw hitting the floor and said "That's a straight razor" I said no that's the strop used to maintain a straight razor with. No one can use a razor that big and we all just busted out laughing. She said she was having a "blond moment" today:

You've got to be care full when opening these strops because if you're not, you can take a chance on digging into your strop which would be a bad thing to do:

I was blown away at how nice this strop looks and the quality it has:

I got the matching nylon webbing with my strop:

Here's the size difference between what I've been using versus the new strop. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to get a new strop and make the starter strop my traveling strop because this new one is too big to put into a suit case with all of my shaving gear. Even if I drove, it will still be problematic to travel with the new strop. I really can't wait to use it and see how it performs:

So far this is a really fine strop.

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