RazoRock Classic:

Today's shave was great and I got a true BBS shave but unfortunately, my 37C slant took a dump. The bearing that's located around the knob is now wedged inside the handle and I can't get it out, but that's ok because it gives me an excuse to look at other DE safety razors such as the Merkur Futur. The reason I used a DE safety razor today is because I needed a fast shave. My mom is in the hospital with a bacterial blood virus and I've got to run a few errands and take her a few things. So this was my last shave with the Merkur 37C slant bar razor:

Dang it I says.

C.a.D. & The Tech:

Today's shave was great. Today I went with Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements  and their modern day classic, C.a.D.  scent. The scent is a m...