A New Supplier Account:

Well I now have an account with Crown King Shaving. I don't know exactly when I'll be able to place an order just yet, but I am interested in the "Sacre' Bleu" scent line which is a tribute to the old classic Aqua Velva ice blue aftershave splash which is one of the best aftershaves of all time that's still available at various retailers. I'm also extremely interested in their brushes which look phenomenal and are surprisingly affordable. To those that don't know, Crown King Shaving is basically a spin off company of Phoenix Artisan Accoutrement's and is ran by both owners of that company. It started off as a new formula called "3.0" and then one of the owners decided to call it "Crown King" which basically took off and ended up becoming its own company due to its popularity. So I went ahead and signed up to see what it's about and it looks incredible:

The website looks great and looks really simple to use. I also love how the brushes look.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...