Soap Commander Week:

Day 4: Today's shave was a "UFS" or what I like to call an Ultra Fine Shave. It was also a true BBS yet again. It's also time to perform a full stropping session instead of ONLY the smooth leather. That last trouble spot that I had to touch up after 2 full passes had a little bit of tugging going on so that tells me it's time for the balsa wood strop to be used as well. Every time I use this "Gusto" soap, I get thirsty. It's a seasonal soap that has the best scent you'll ever smell. It's raspberry pink lemonade scent and I crave raspberry pink lemonade every time that I use it. The only reason this one is not my top soap from Soap Commander is because it's seasonal and not available all year like "Vision" is which is my all time top soap:

Asian Plum & The 430:

Today's soap and aftershave was phenomenal . Peter Charkalis if you are reading this, you hit a grand slam on this one. Wow what a soap...