2 Mail Calls Coming:

Today after paying my water bill and dealing with the fiasco regarding my lawn mower blade situation, I placed 2 orders. The first one is for some Feather DE blades which is estimated to be here on Friday, but we all know how that goes. I ordered a 100 pack of them for $31.48 shipped some people charge double that for half of that:

And a few friends in the honing world will be extremely pleased with this specific water stone. I had forgotten that I had an account with Sharpening Supplies until someone mentioned these guys in the Gold Dollar Honing & Shave Club which I happened to remember after this website was mentioned. And I'm pleased to say that a unicorn was captured as seen below:

^ They've either been out of it and/or I've not had the funds to buy it when it was available. But I bought a Naniwa Professional (New Chosera) 600 grit water stone. It's the absolute best bevel setting stone you can buy period. You can set a bevel on a Gold Dollar and/or Gold Monkey in less than 3 minutes right out of the box. My next stone purchase will be a Shapton Professional 15K grit water stone. This stone cost me exactly $77.98 shipped which is not bad at all.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...