Integirty, The Beach & The Jinhou (Day 7 of 7)

This morning shave was great and it's also the last day of my Soap Commander appreciation week. I decided to go with their Integrity soap which is unscented. However since I'm NOT hunting, I decided to take the Commander to The Beach and pair this soap with PAA's The Beach which is incredible and has a sun tan lotion, sand, ozone, ocean and sweet coconut scent to it as it dries down which takes over 24 hours to do so. I've applied it and the very next day, I could still smell it in my shirt which is awesome and why I used Artisan made products:

The Jinhou done extremely well this morning and I got another "ice rink" type of shave in 3 passes. That is the maximum number of passes I will take because any more than that minus a few touch up spots, causes me irritation.

#5 of 2017:

Well all good things must come to an end. Say hello to my 5th soap that I've finished off in 2017. This one was really good and I'm...