ATT's Single Edge Razor:

Today when I checked my "pages feed" over on my Face Book page, I got a really nice surprise today when I had seen this. The best part is that they are currently taking preorders and will be shipping them out around the end of May of 2016. Up until here recently you've had 3 choices for this style of razor. Colonial Razors, Mongoose Razors and the Cobra Classic. I ruled out the cobra classic because it starts at $200 dollars and it's NOT even stainless steel. If I'm going to spend this kind money, I'd definitely want stainless steel hands down. That and it's gone before you can blink and they've only done 2 batches of the Cobra Classic this year while Mongoose Razors has already done several batches and have more on the way:

The cost for the ATT SE1 isn't too bad at all which is $185 U.S. Dollars shipped and it's made of 303 polished stainless steel :

The fit and finish looks great so far. I'll know more when I can buy it and get a closer look at it which I am going to do. This will be my first Above The Tie razor:

The head looks a little bit similar to Mongoose Razor's design, but seems to have a more rounded cap while the Mongoose has a more angular shaped cap:

I'm also hoping that they will offer an option to where you can just but the head of the razor along with some different base plates like they do with their DE safety razors which is what I like about Above The Tie Razors:

I'm not sure when Ikon Razors will be releasing their version, but they have been putting concept drawings on their Face Book page and RazoRock has released images of their prototype which they are still working on and testing which should be released by the end of this year. I was correct in dubbing 2016 as year of the hardware and I'm loving it.

Ike & The Doc:

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