Fortitude & The Doc:

This morning's shave was great. Soap Commander's Fortitude was up next in my rotation and it has an aged hay, aged tobacco, and dark rum scent to it. Speaking of Rum I decided to use their Purpose aftershave balm which is a bay rum scent and they go extremely well together:

In terms of post shave feel, I have yet another "ice rink" ladies and gentlemen and this was the 2nd shave on this blade. Normally with the other blades, I would be switching them out for a fresh blade but not these which is a good thing. I can probably get maybe around 5 shaves out of a blade give or take a little. So me changing blades was a good thing.

Honing Time! Vintage Razors Only:

After shaving with my new Gold Dollar 200, I decided to take my Vintage razors  to the stones. No need to mess with the Gold Dollar 200, it...