It's Decent at Best:

As most of you guys know, my mom bought me a Van Der Hagen pure badger brush last night at Walmart. I used it in today's shave and it was decent. During the break in procedure that I use, I noticed that it lost an epic amount of hairs and it still lost some more in today's shave. That's a turn off for me and it drives me crazy too. Another problem I have with it is that it has zero backbone and since it's still losing hairs, this will get worse. With that being said, I do like the softness it has and the size is perfect for me. I don't think this brush is worth $19 dollars to be honest about it. I think it should be priced at around maybe $7 dollars because I honestly don't think it will last:

Of course this is just my humble opinion as an experienced wet shaver.

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