Refreshment & The 208 (Day 4 of 7):

Today's shave was extremely good and very satisfying. It was also day 4 of 7 of Soap Commander week and I went with their "Refreshment" scented soap. It has an incredible sweet tea with lemon scent to it and I get thirsty every time I use it. This was a limited edition scent and there was no matching aftershave balm for this one so I went with their "Integrity" aftershave balm which is "unscented" and won't clash with the scent of the soap:

The Gold Dollar 208 peformed great. I couldn't have gotten a better a shave today. I really can't wait to get my finishing stone here in about a week. I'm going for the Arkansas surgical black oil stone. After that, I will be going on a soap run. I'm running low on my PAA collection and I'm nearly out of TTFFC which will be restocked first.

Proraso Green & The Doc:

Today's shave was great. It's also Proraso Friday  over in the How To Grow A Moustache  Google plus community. So while I'm wai...