New Coffee Brewer in the House:

One of the few things left that I can drink without having any issues is coffee. I suffer from chronic acid reflux and soda really sets it off. I also avoid things like various spicy and heavily acidic foods and the various kinds of fruit juice. But I've got to have caffeine, so that leaves coffee, tea and water. So today I went to Best Buy and picked up a brand new Caribou Pour Over 8 cup coffee brewer . It came with what looks like the #4 brown cone filters a 1 tablespoon scoop, a stainless steel cone filter and a nice bamboo looking wooden coaster:

It cost me $42.11 and on the packaging they mentioned that it's hand blown high temperature glass which is a good thing:

I didn't know that it came with filters, but there's not very many so I went ahead and bought some more while I was out today:

It also came with a little instruction booklet which I will keep, but it's really not needed because I've seen enough YouTube videos on using this brewing system:

I'll still be able to use my Kuerig as a filtered water dispenser for brewing along with my Carafe' to brew with in addition to keeping my coffee warm. My gut can't handle the Kuerig brewed coffee.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

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