Apache Strata 1st Impressions:

So far I'm liking this finishing stone. So lets get started in the details:

In terms of slurry it's not hard to produce a slurry which is what I did first using Anthony Esposito's technique. It produces a milky white slurry that's some where between medium to medium/slow in terms of cutting speed with a slurry :

After that I did Dr. Matt's ILR technique and the razor got pretty sticky relatively slow even when I turned the water up a little bit more:

Once I got done with Dr. Matt's ILR technique, I went back to Anthony Esposito's technique and then the razor broke free on the very last clean up stroke:

After that, I did my usual stropping routine which I mentioned in the previous blog post:

Under the loupe, I saw a light haze with very minimal scratches in terms of the finish. Not that it really matters about that because historically, my best shaves have come from edges that looked rough under loupe in terms hazing and scratches. Tomorrow's shave will tell the story. As with any stone, you must spend some time getting to know the stone and shaving to see what works best for you. Once in a while you will get lucky with the first use but it doesn't happen often. I also found that this specific stone is very thirsty. I soaked it for about 10 minutes and after I finished using it, I noticed it was dry about 15 to 20 minutes later.

Asian Plum & The 430:

Today's soap and aftershave was phenomenal . Peter Charkalis if you are reading this, you hit a grand slam on this one. Wow what a soap...