Turkish Bath & The Black Diamond:

Man oh man what a great shave. Today I went with Jeeves of Hudson Street and their Turkish Bath scented soap which has a 1920's era barbershop scent with a top note of premium pipe tobacco and it's awesome. And to finish off this epic shave, I paired it with Stirling Soap's Barbershop scented aftershave splash which has a touch of sweetness to it:

The black diamond was epic. I hit a grand slam with the edge of this razor. I got another "ice rink" post shave feel in just 3 passes and one spot had to be touched which is about normal. This was possibly my best shave with a straight razor.

Mountain Man & The German 37:

Today's shave was fantastic. After a nice hot shower, I went with Stirling Soaps  and their "Mountain Man"  scented soap whic...