Vision & The German 37:

Today's shave was great. After a nice, hot and relaxing shower, I went with Soap Commander and my personal favorite soap of all time, Vision. The scent is mint, aqua and amber and while there's no menthol in the soap itself, you still get a chill from the mint. And to finish off this shave I applied Aqua Velva ice blue aftershave splash and then the Vision aftershave balm which does have menthol and puts the post shave feel over the top:

Speaking of post shave feel, the German 37 was really good but it was definitely time for a new blade. It grabbed a bump on my "money pass" and I ended up grabbing the styptic pencil rather quickly. Usually when the DE blade starts to tug and pull or worse grab, I switch out the blade immediately. This time I put a Perma-Sharp in the German 37. I ended up getting an "ice rink" post shave feel in just 2.5 passes but it wasn't too comfortable due to the blade being worn out.

C.O. Bigelow & The Fusion:

This morning's shave was great. Today I decided to try C.O. Bigelow  in my new scuttle and as I suspected it was a lather monster. The ...