Blade vs. Vintage Comparison:

As many of you know, I bought some brand new DE blades tonight at a Kmart store tonight. I got to thinking about the look that was on the blades when I first opened them up and I went and pulled a couple of Vintage DE blades out of storage. One was a 1970's Schick Platinum Plus and the other just happened to be a 1970's Gillette Super which you see below on the right :

The one on the left is in Portugese while the vintage is in english and the vintage has solid arrows, but the main logo is really close to being the same. I also noticed that both blades are thinner than a piece of paper compared to what I've been using. Once I flipped the blades over to the other side, the differences continue as you see below:

Both are pretty close but I can just about guarantee you that the Vintage Gillette DE blades will come out on top if I had a NOS pack of them. The Vintage Gillette was my late grandfather's blades which happened to be in the razor that my grandmother gave me. There was also a vintage Schick DE blade in the other razor which can be seen below on the right :

It's a crying shame that Gillette, Schick and a few others got greedy and stopped producing these blades and other products. They still could have kept producing the DE blades along with the cartridges at the same time for those who kept their DE safety razors. But we all know what happened there and what all has happened since then.

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