New Toy for Oil My Stones:

Since I am still planning on using oil stones to hone some razors with, I've been on the prowl as of late looking for something to use to apply oil to my oil stones with. I just happen to get lucky yet again at Kmart with this 3/4's of a pint oil can for only $5 dollars which is awesome:

This came about due to what you see directly below. While I love the 3 in One oil, the bottle it comes in is flat out junk. The ONLY way I can get the oil to come out of the bottle that it comes in is to fully extend the application wand and when you are there trying to hone a straight razor, it's awkward as awkward can be and it gets on my nerves to no end:

This little blue mini oil can will be much easier to use compared to the bottle that it comes in. Now as my next stone purchase goes, I've still not decided which one to get just yet and my budget is kindly dictating what I can buy next.

Mountain Man & The Black Diamond:

Today's shave was phenomenal. I got to craving a cologne scent so I went with Stirling Soaps  and their classic Mountain Man  scent whi...