Jack Frost & The DE 89:

This morning's shave was great if not perfect. SteamBath Factory's Jack Frost was perfect for a hot day like today and the warm sugar, vanilla and mint scent is very delicious smelling And the RazoRock Plissoft synthetic brush does really well at lathering creams and soft soaps. And to add to the chill factor, I paired this soap with Aqua Velva classic ice blue aftershave:

In terms of post shave, I have a squeaky clean ice rink type of post shave. These blades performed really well in the Edwin Jagger DE 89. I'll do a more detailed blog post later about the razor and blade combo which was really good. It took 3 full passes but it was great.

Honing Time! Vintage Razors Only:

After shaving with my new Gold Dollar 200, I decided to take my Vintage razors  to the stones. No need to mess with the Gold Dollar 200, it...