T.T.F.F.C. & The 66:

This morning's shave was great. Through The Fire Fine Craft's soap loves the RazoRock preshave gel and brush and thensome. I looked like Santa Claus this morning when I lathered up. I normally pair this mixed soap with clubman, but I wanted to try the Chiseled Face Sherlock scented aftershave. It's extremely good. I get a dirt, tobacco, and British cologne scent from it and I need to get the full sized matching aftershave to it. I'm also getting really low on my TTFFC soap which I need to restock A.S.A.P:

The Gold Dollar 66 performed extremely well this morning. Got a pretty close shave after my usual 2.5 passes but it can use a couple of stropping trips on my soft Arkansas oil stone which gives one of the most comfortable shaves on the planet. That's usually what I do when I don't want to re hone the razor and only a touch up is needed. I strop on a stone instead of using pastes and/or sprays.

Gillette Rubie Plus Review:

Since I decided to go with my Edwin Jagger DE 89 today, I thought I was in for a treat considering that the DE 89 is pretty good on sensiti...