Gillette Platinum Blade Evaluation:

After I showered this morning, I went into my shave using the Edwin Jagger DE 89 and the new Gillette Platinum Plus DE blades that I got at Kmart last night and I must say that these were much better than I initially thought they were going to be. So this is a really good razor and blade combo and in my humble opinion it would be great for beginners whom are just starting out with this specific razor. During the 1st pass which was from north to south, the blade didn't tug or pull and I could feel the blade in this razor but it was really smooth and comfortable and it also didn't have any trouble going through my barbed wire stubble. So the glide was great. After I finished the 1st pass and felt how much of my beard was left, I could definitely tell that these were not quite as sharp as the Gillette Silver Blues are but they were much more comfortable and smoother than the Gillette Silver Blue DE blades are:

The 2nd pass which was from south to north is what really told the story about these DE blades. About 98% of my beard was gone and the 2nd pass was even more comfortable than the 1st pass was. There was still no problems with glide and unlike the Gillette Silver Blue DE blades on the 1st multi pass shave, I had no weepers in my neck or moustache areas either. That normally occurs on the 1st shave only with the Gillette Silver Blue DE blades. And there was no razor burn either which also tends to happen with my sensitive skin after the 2nd pass. I could have stopped right there, but I decided to go ahead and do a 3rd pass which was from the nose towards the ear on my cheeks, the bottom of my chin, and moustache area while my neck area got a north to south type of pass. The end results was a squeaky clean ice rink type of post shave feel with no touch ups there was also no sting from the alum block and I had no weepers or razor burn either. Now I did get some sting from my aftershave splash but not much though. This was the last blade I wanted to try and in a previous blog post, there were some blades that I have tried that I did not mention and most of the ones I did try in various other razors besides the Edwin Jagger DE 89 which has been the common element to all of the blades I have tried. These are still not as good as the Astra Superior Platinum (green packaging) in the DE 89 because unlike these Gillette Platinum blades, I couldn't feel the blade and only 2 passes were needed so those are my final blade choice.

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