Latha Limon & The 66:

What an incredible shave I got this morning. Barrister & Mann's Latha Limon is an incredible and really rich soap. It has a lemon, orange and rose scent. Once combined with the Aqua Velva ice blue aftershave, you have a post shave second to none. The ONLY sour note to today's shave is that sorry excuse for a brush known as Van Der Hagen pure badger. It has zero backbone so you have to push it down until it's fully splayed to load up any soap or cream. And the worse part is that it's losing hair still. I lost at least 4 hairs today during the shave. So this brush is going to be window dressing basically at this point:

In terms of post shave feel, I got a really nice and smooth shave. Not quite a squeaky clean post shave but it was close to it. If I had done one more pass instead of just 2 passes with some touch ups, I probably would've gotten an ice rink. It was very nice and comfortable. And the ultra wide 11/13th's makes for a much more comfortable shave. That size is slightly larger than a 6/8's but not quite as large as a 7/8's which does make a difference in terms of BOTH honing and shaving. I find the larger blades much easier to hone and strop and I also get a much more comfortable shave as well. The only 2 drawbacks to larger blades is maneuverability in areas like the chin and moustache areas and when you go with the grain, you can't see as good as you can with the smaller blades.

Ike & The 207:

Tonight's shave felt extremely good. Tonight I decided to go with a Skin Bracer  themed shave so I went with Strike Gold Shave  and the...