Final Thoughts on New Gillette Blade:

After this morning's shave, I have determined how long a pack of the new Gillette Platinum Plus DE blades that I got the other night at a local Kmart. In the Edwin Jagger DE 89, I can get a grand total of 27 multi pass shaves out of this pack of blades. 9 blades per pack X 3 shaves per blade = 27 and that's if I stretched it to one extra shave per blade. So lets do some more math here. $4.29 per pack of blades divided by 27 = .158 or $.16 cents per shave with these blades. As always your mileage may vary and it will also depend on the razor you are using as well. This DE 89 specific calculations. That's still not bad for these blades and the shave quality of these blades are good but not great. They can be a shade sharper and slightly smoother than what they are now. I think of them as a downgraded version of a Gillette Silver Blue:

Now I will be trying them next in the Doc for performance purposes only. Mainly because I've already formed my opinion about these blades:

And with the slant, the doc, and other open comb styled razors out there, the number of shaves you get out of a pack of blades will be 18 multi pass shaves because those types of razors are blade eaters. The doc is a blade eater and I usually get just 1 less shave than I normally get in the DE 89. So let's do some more math here. $4.29 per pack of blades divided by 18 shaves = .238 or $.24 cents per shave in the blade eater type of razors. So they're still cheaper than Feather and Bolzano blades that some suppliers charge which changes if you get them from Amazon like I do.

The Comfort Knot Brush:

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