RazoRock Plissoft Brush:

Man this brush is awesome! When I first started wet shaving 2 years ago, I tried synthetics and they were horrible. This brush is light years ahead of what I've tried in the past. First thing I noticed was that it has 3 times the back bone compared to other synthetic knots. It was like using a pillow to lather up with and it's also twice as soft compared with the other knots I've tried in the past. An unlike other synthetic brushes out there, this one is affordable at only $10 dollars. Think of using a Plisson L'occitane brush with twice the back bone:

I love the embossed logo in the handle which has an amazing grip to it and I had lather all over it this morning when I shaved. I'm not sure how long the white will last, but if it doesn't, you'll still know it's a RazoRock brush:

Now this morning, I did NOT soak this brush before shaving which was a mistake on my part. I do recommend soaking it BUT for only 2 minutes at the most. This is roughly about 1/8th of the time that I need to soak my Omega 10049 professional boar and Van Der Hagen pure badger brushes especially if it's really hot and humid outside. The Omega needs 15 minutes in the summer and 10 minutes soak time in the winter. My Van Der Hagen requires 10 minutes soak time period. And unlike my Omega, the Van Der Hagen doesn't absorb half my lather when I don't soak it long enough. So 2 minutes soak time for my RazoRock Plissoft synthetic brush which is just long enough for me to grab a wash cloth and get it ready to use during my shave which is basically nothing. And I don't have to tell you guys that have used this brush that my lather did NOT disappear half way through the shave either which was very nice. It also holds water extremely well. I'm NOT a synthetic brush guy, but I do highly recommend getting this one. It's a game changer for me.

Fortitude & The 430:

Today's shave felt extremely good. Today I went with something that I hadn't used in a while and that would be Soap Commander's...