Gillette DE Blades Are Back:

One of my own personal habits since I started wet shaving over 2 years ago is going down the shaving isles in major supermarkets and retailers. And today I got a pleasant surprise in the local K-Mart store. Gillette has brought back their DE blades. Yes that's what I said. They now offer these blades in K-Mart. Instead of the usual flex ball and multi bladed cartridges, it's very nice if not shocking to see these DE blades hanging up in a national retailer. That's something I thought I'd never see again without having to go online to order them :

These are made in Brazil and the P&G logos are all over the packaging:

Then there's the Old King Gillette slogan on top of the back of the package:

You get 9 blades total and there's 3 packs of blades with 3 blades per pack :

I am pleasantly surprised to find these in K-Mart. And what shocked me more was the price. These cost me $4.29 plus tax (I bought some other stuff so it's NOT an exact price so please bare with me) for 9 blades. $4.29 divided by 9 = $.476 which puts it at $.48 cents per blade. That's not bad at all considering that their cartridges costs nearly 6 times that. This is a good thing that Gillette or P&G has clearly taken notice of the wet shaving hobby and how much of an impact all of the products available between both the artisan and mainstream soap and cream makers along with the modern, custom, and vintage hardware that's available. Maybe now we'll see a hard soap puck or even better than that, a modern version of a classic Gillette DE razor will return.

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