9/11 Remembered:

On this day 15 years ago, the United States suffered one of the worst tragedies in its history. I wasn't there during the attacks but I was in the area 1 year later and what I saw was heart breaking. A local fire department near by managed to get a piece of steel from the world trade center. I thought it would be fitting to do a tribute to all of those whom lost their lives on that day. So lets get started. The plaque that you see below the steel that has date on it, has the "11" shaped like the twin towers:

Here's a closer look of the steel from ground zero. They have a plaque which I have listed below as to where this piece of steel came from:

The local fire department here always does a ceremony each and every year and they fly this huge flag for a few days in memory of the 343:

Here's a plaque that lists the number of people who lost their lives that day:

Here's the dedication plaque in which we received the steel from the world trade center:

Here's a plaque of some of the speeches made after the tragedy took place:

Here's a plaque that lists the flights, times and locations of the planes that hit the towers and the pentagon and in PA that sad day:

And last but not least, here's a plaque that shows a map of where the piece of steel came from:

I won't forget and neither should America.

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